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Week 32, #13 Starburst, Morning

Snapshot 1 (11-3-2018 5-01 PM)

This photo was taken by my trail cam early one morning.  I’m not sure what set off the motion sensor but the diffraction of light through our ligustrum hedge made an interesting abstract pattern, almost like a veil.

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Week 31, # 24 Wild Card, Unrivalled


This painted bunting (Passerina ciris) was spotted at Felts Audubon Sanctuary.  The Audubon Society Guide to North American Birds says that the painted bunting is often called “Nonpareil,” meaning “unrivalled.”   Coming from Illinois the most colorful bird we had was the cardinal.  Facebook friends from northern climates were amazed that such a bird existed outside of the rain forest.  We are lucky to have such visitors in Florida.

Taken with a Canon 80D camera, Tamron 150-600 mm lens at 600 mm, f/8, ISO 1000, 1/50 sec.

Stars Over Rainy Lake

This is one of my first attempts at night photography. It was wonderful to see the Milky Way and Jupiter (brightest light). We were blessed with a new moon and several clear nights. This was a 30 sec exposure at ISO 1600 with my Canon 80D (f/4, 10-22mm lens).

Rainy Lake Sunset


We just returned from a week long houseboat trip on Rainy Lake, MN.  This was a great way to get away and still shelter with a few close friends.  We had a wonder time and saw the Aurora Borealis, loons, beaver, and lots of moss.  More photos to follow.

Family Portrait


We just purchased a spotting scope after admiring the ones our guides had in Costa Rica.  By attaching a camera it acts like a super telephoto (digiscoping).  We made a trial run at Venice Audubon Rookery and came across this family of whistling ducks.

Time for a Rest

I was able to capture this dragonfly resting on my orchid today.  The silhouette against the sky seemed to work well in black and white.  The face seems a little unworldly.  Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

Sloth- Without Care


On a recent trip to Costa Rica at Bogarin Sloth Trail in La Fortuna, we caught this 3-toed sloth on the ground.  They live in trees most of their lives but come to the ground about once a week to go urinate.  Most of the group was looking for sloths in the trees so I was looking on the ground for frogs and flowers and happened to spot this fellow our guide missed.  They have algae in their fur, hence the green color.  The translation of the Latin word for sloth is without care.